Frequently Asked Questions

What is my user name and password?
User Name is always your email address. Please be sure to login with the email address you have signed up under. Your password is automatically generated upon approval. Look for a Welcome Email from our database to give you a temporary password. Only you have access to this password. We never receive a copy if it.

My account is pending approval. Why?
Your application is waiting to be reviewed from management. Once you’re approved, you will receive a Welcome Email from our database.

I submitted my application quite some time ago, but still haven’t been approved. Why not?
The main reason why accounts aren’t approved immediately is that we have reached our current limit of brokers that we allow to be active in any particular zipcode. When a vacant spot becomes available in a zipcode, we will activate previously submitted accounts to fill the position.

I do not see any BPOs assigned to me. Where are they?
All requests/assignments for BPO’s will come via email from the SN employee who is requesting it. Once the order is sent to you, it is viewable in the “BPO Quick View” section on the website for you to accept or decline. Once accepted, you must go to the “Assigned BPO” page, where you can view all orders that are currently assigned to you.

I cannot continue to the next page, the system is telling me there is an error. What is this?
If registering: There is a 20 minute timeout for completing the registration process. If the application is not filled out within the 20 minutes, you will encounter an error. This time limit is only for the registration process.

If you are already an established broker: should you experience an error, there may be technical difficulties on our side. Please log out and try back at a later time, or contact the BPO Analyst that assigned you the order.

The system says the Tax ID already exists. Am I already registered?
It’s possible you have already registered or someone in your company has. You will need to be added as a contact if someone in your office has already established themselves in the system and the payment method is the same. Please contact our Vendor Management group for additional information.

When I try to register it says my e-mail address already exists. Am I already signed up?
Yes - and therefore you do not need to register a second time. If you receive a BPO request, then you are currently in our database. Please click the “Forgot Password?” link if you do not know your password, or contact our Vendor Management group or call a BPO analyst for further help.